Custom Functions

Custom Functions

Use custom functions to customize your Speed Booster/Smart Adapter. Metabones App may present certain customizable options on the firmware upgrade screen. You may also plug in a Speed Booster or Smart Adapter with up-to-date firmware to view or change these customizable options using Metabones App.

Customizable options are not displayed if you are upgrading from a very old firmware version, or if you have pressed the jog lever downward while connecting the micro USB cable.

Park focus when camera is turned off

Some lenses change length during focusing. If this option is set and the camera is turned off, the lens will park at infinity to shorten these lenses for storage. This option is ignored for some lenses. However, STM lenses always take heed of this option because they require electricity to focus but cannot be retracted by turning the manual focus ring after power off. Olympus cameras will need to have the 'Reset Lens' option under Settings A menu turned on for focus parking to work.

Changing iris on JVC/Panasonic with adapter\'s jog lever requires inward push to activate

With a JVC or a Panasonic camera, iris can be changed either on the camera body or with the jog lever of the Speed Booster or Smart Adapter. Toggle between camera iris control and adapter iris control by depressing the whole jog lever inward. In prior versions, adapter iris control is also activated by simply flicking the jog lever up or down, but this is no longer the default behaviour as of adapter firmware version 2.5. Set this option to have the pre-2.5 behaviour, which is more convenient to switch to adapter iris control but with a higher likelihood of activating it by mistake. In either case, camera body iris control is restored by pushing the whole jog lever inward.

Jog lever iris control is deprecated starting with GH5, replaced by the new assignable Fn button feature. With GH5 V2.2 and newer cameras, you may assign a jog lever push to any of the functions listed on "Lens Fn Button Setting" under the "Lens/Others" menu. Therefore, this option has no effect on GH5 and newer cameras but is only applicable to earlier cameras.

WARNING: the presence of this option does NOT necessarily imply compatibility. Speed Booster 0.58x and EF-BMCC Speed Booster are NOT compatible with and will cause physical damage to any JVC or Panasonic cameras. Furthermore, Speed Booster XL 0.64x is NOT compatible with JVC.

Use teleconverters and/or lenses which do not multiply lens data automatically

Teleconverters and lenses with extra electrical contacts communicate with each other and multiply the focal length and aperture automatically before reporting to the camera. If the teleconverter and/or the lens lacks these extra electrical contacts, the focal length reported to the camera does not account for the teleconverter and in-body image stabilization (IBIS) effectiveness is degraded. To mitigate this, turn on this option and manually dial-in the teleconverter multiplier, as follows. Flick the jog lever of the adapter (if equipped) upward while turning on the camera to manually dial-in a 1.4x teleconverter, and hold the jog lever downward to dial-in a 2x teleconverter. This option does NOT need to be turned on when using Kenko Pro 300 teleconverters because they automatically multiply the focal length even if the lens does not have any extra electrical contacts. Do NOT turn this option on if your teleconverters are already automatically detected. Use this option ONLY if automatic teleconverter detection fails and you want to dial-in the teleconverter multiplier manually every time you turn on the camera.

If 2 or more Kenko Pro300 teleconverters is used with a zoom lens, always zoom to the maximum before attaching the adapter/teleconverter/lens or turning on the camera, but even so, some lenses, particularly first-generation IS lenses and older third-party lenses, remain incompatible with stacked teleconverters.

Smoother AF for video recording

Disabled by default, this option may make focus transitions smoother and/or slightly reduce autofocus noise during movie capture. The effect is lens-dependent, with some lenses simply ignoring this setting. This option may or may not impact video AF performance. This option does not affect still photo AF. This option has no effect on Blackmagic cameras.