Adapter Firmware (EOS R/EOS M)

Checking Firmware Version of EF-RF Speed Booster

To check the adapter firmware version of your adapter, attach any Canon EF lens to EF-RF Speed Booster and put it on a Canon RF-mount camera body.

  1. Press the MENU button on the camera body.

  2. Find the “Firmware" under the "wrench" tab.

  3. Click OK.

Checking Firmware Version of EF-EFM Speed Booster

EF-EFM Speed Booster does not support displaying adapter firmware version on the camera body. Connect Speed Booster to a computer and use Metabones App to check adapter firmware version.

Updating firmware of Speed Booster




To update the firmware of a Canon EF lens downloaded from Canon's web site, use Canon's own adapter. While a Metabones Speed Booster with the latest firmware has been tested for this use case scenario it is not guaranteed to work and not supported.